Children, Youth, and Civic (dis)Engagement: Digital Technology and Citizenship

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Discipline 1 Political science
Discipline 2
Publication Title Children, Youth, and Civic (dis)Engagement: Digital Technology and Citizenship
Description In this paper, I will discuss recent academic literature pertaining to youth civic engagement in the Western context and map some of the important changes in the field identified by these scholars. I am particularly interested in examining contemporary approaches to issues such as how youth are conceptualized; how citizenship, civic participation, and civic (dis)engagement are understood with respect to youth; and, what roles media and internet technologies are perceived to play in youth civic engagement. I will discuss a number of examples of technology-based networking projects that engage youth, as a means of demonstrating how some of these issues are negotiated in concrete ways. These examples will help to ground the issues as well as raise further questions about the perceived roles of technology and the internet in youth civic (dis)engagement and participation.
Publication Year 2005
Publication Author Brandi Bell
Publication Type Working Paper
Publisher Canadian Research Alliance for Community Innovation and Networking
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Publication Link Working Paper No 5.pdf