Citizenship in Diverse Societies

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Publication Title Citizenship in Diverse Societies
Description Most modern democracies contain significant minority groups whose language, religion, or ethnicity differs from those of the majority. In this book, leading scholars of multicultural issues examine questions related to multiculturalism and citizenship, specifically addressing the issue of whether it is possible in multicultural societies to accommodate these forms of diversity without weakening the bonds of common citizenship. The first chapter is introductory. The fourteen that follow are arranged in seven parts, each with two chapters, that address Citizenship Education and Religious Diversity; Political Participation and Group Representation; Immigration, Identity and Multiculturalism; Gender and Ethnic Diversity; Language Rights; The Rights of Indigenous Peoples; and Federalism and Nationalism. 1 Citizenship in Culturally Diverse Societies: Issues, Contexts, Concepts Will Kymlicka and Wayne Norman PART I Citizenship Education and Religious Diversity 2 Discrimination and Religious Schooling Eamonn Callan 3 Extending Diversity: Religion in Public and Private Education Jeff Spinner‐Halev PART II Political Participation and Group Representation 4 What Does a Representative Do? Descriptive Representation in Communicative Settings of Distrust, Uncrystallized Interests, and Historically Denigrated Status Jane Mansbridge 5 The Uneasy Alliance of Group Representation and Deliberative Democracy Melissa S. Williams Part III Immigration, Identity, and Multiculturalism 6 Cultural Identity and Civic Responsibility Jeremy Waldron 7 Anti‐Essentialism, Multiculturalism, and the ‘Recognition’ Of Religious Groups Tariq Modood PART IV Gender and Ethnic Diversity 8 Should Church and State Be Joined at the Altar? Women's Rights and the Multicultural Dilemma Ayelet Shachar 9 Female Autonomy and Cultural Imperative: Two Hearts Beating Together Sawitri Saharso PART V Language Rights 10 Official‐Language Rights: Intrinsic Value and the Protection of Difference Denise G. Réaume 11 Citizenship and Official Bilingualism in Canada Pierre A. Coulombe PART VI The Rights of Indigenous Peoples 12 Three Modes of Incorporating Indigenous Law Jacob T. Levy 13 ‘Landed’ Citizenship: Narratives of Aboriginal Political Participation John Borrows PART VII Federalism and Nationalism 14 Sustainable Federalism, Democratization, and Distributive Justice Graham Smith 15 Why Stay Together? a Pluralist Approach to Secession and Federation Rainer Bauböck
Publication Year 2000
Publication Author Wayne Norman, Will Kymlicka
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Publisher Oxford University Press
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