Civic Education: What makes students learn

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Discipline 1 Educational research
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Publication Title Civic Education: What makes students learn
Description This book takes a look at what U.S. high school seniors know about government and politics and how they learn about it. Secondary school civics courses enhance students' civic knowledge. The book is based on the 1988 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), the most extensive assessment to date of civic knowledge among youth. The depth of students' knowledge on a wide range of political and civic topics is documented. Differences in civic knowledge are demonstrated among students grouped according to race, gender, type of school, amount of instruction, and other characteristics of individuals, schools, and homes. A theoretical model to explain the cognitive process by which students learn about politics is developed and tested and then discussed. Specific changes in the style and emphasis of civics teaching are suggested.
Publication Year 1998
Publication Author Jane Junn, Richard Niemi
Publication Type Book
Publisher Yale University Press
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