Civic Engagement and the Changing Transition to Adulthood

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Discipline 1 Political science
Discipline 2 Developmental psychology
Publication Title Civic Engagement and the Changing Transition to Adulthood
Description This study argues that life has changed dramatically for people in their 20s. Marriage, childbearing, financial independence, and other aspects of the “transition to adulthoood” have been transformed since the 1970s, and are now very different for people with and without college educations. These changes and differences powerfully affect civic engagement. For example, it appears that younger generations have delayed voting, in much the same way that they have delayed marriage and childbearing. But young adults without college experience are permanently missing some aspects of civic engagement–such as group membership–that were common thirty years ago.
Publication Year 2009
Publication Author Constance Flanagan, Peter Levine, Richard Settersten
Publication Type Paper
Publisher CIRCLE
Major Funders Spencer Foundation
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