Civic competence in urban youth

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Discipline 1 Developmental psychology
Discipline 2 Political science
Publication Title Civic competence in urban youth
Description Civic competence and obstacles to its development are explored in urban youth. Our review suggests that urban youth lag behind suburban adolescents in civic knowledge and civic participation. These lags may be attributable to low levels of political participation among urban adults, educational failures, and a lack of childhood opportunities to join clubs and teams. A comparison of a small city and a neighboring suburban town illustrates both the intertwined obstacles that confront urban youth on the path to civic development and the difficulty that most urban centers face in improving opportunities for civic development. We conclude that urban youth's genuine interest in acquiring civic competence is frustrated by demographic factors largely outside the control of those living in America's cities.
Publication Year 2002
Publication Author Daniel Hart, Robert Atkins
Publication Type Journal Article
Publisher Applied Developmental Science
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