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Two Letter DC
State District of Columbia
Policy Focus Curriculum Framework
Initiating Entity LEA
Description The District of Columbia Social Studies Pre-K through Grade 12 Standards (grade-level standards) “integrate the four major disciplines of history, geography, economics, and politics and government. They are not presented in separate strands, although grade 6 focuses on geography and grade 12 focuses on government, including U.S. and Washington, DC, governments.” The standards identify throughout the grade continuum when “politics and government” are a stressed disciplinary content. According to the standards’ guiding philosophies “devotion to human dignity and freedom, equal rights, justice, the rule of law, civility and truth, tolerance of diversity, mutual assistance, personal and civic responsibility, self-restraint, and self-respect must be taught, learned, and practiced.”

Sample standards/benchmarks include: identifying and describing the events or people celebrated during U.S. national holidays and why Americans celebrate them (Kindergarten), describing the rights and responsibilities of citizenship (grade 2), evaluating, taking and defending positions on the scope and limits of rights and obligations as democratic citizens, the relationships among them, and how they are secured (grade 12).
Reference Code District of Columbia Social Studies Pre-K through Grade 12 Standards (2011)
Year Passed
Year Implemented 2011
Grade Levels K-12
Additional Notes