Extending Diversity: Religion in Public and Private Education

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Publication Title Extending Diversity: Religion in Public and Private Education
Description Arguments are presented for extending diversity in education, with specific reference to the issue of religion, and taking the example of the USA. The arguments advanced also work for other liberal democracies that include immigrant societies and at least several religions, although they do not where religious identity is tied to national identities. The case is argued for religiously diverse public schools, and the growth and importance of the many parochial schools in the USA is acknowledged. The question of financing parochial schools is addressed. Three ways are discussed as a means of extending diversity: cooperation between public and parochial schools (but without direct funding of parochial schools); the achievement of multiculturalism in public schools by fairly including religious students and perspectives; and the accommodation of religious beliefs in public schools by such means as offering alternative assignments. Chapter in Citizenship in Diverse Societies.
Publication Year March 2000
Publication Author Jeff Spinner‐Halev
Publication Type Chapter
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Publication Link https://oxfordindex.oup.com/view/10.1093/019829770X.003.0003