From Voice to Influence: Understanding Citizenship in the Digital Age

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Discipline 1 Political science
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Publication Title From Voice to Influence: Understanding Citizenship in the Digital Age
Description With From Voice to Influence, Danielle Allen and Jennifer S. Light have brought together a stellar group of political and social theorists, social scientists, and media analysts to explore this transformation. Threading through the contributions is the notion of egalitarian participatory democracy, and among the topics discussed are immigration rights activism, the participatory potential of hip hop culture, and the porous boundary between public and private space on social media. The opportunities presented for political efficacy through digital media to people who otherwise might not be easily heard also raise a host of questions about how to define “good participation:” Does the ease with which one can now participate in online petitions or conversations about current events seduce some away from serious civic activities into “slacktivism?” Drawing on a diverse body of theory, from Hannah Arendt to Anthony Appiah, From Voice to Influence offers a range of distinctive visions for a political ethics to guide citizens in a digitally connected world.
Publication Year 2015
Publication Author Danielle Allen, Jennifer Light
Publication Type Book (edited)
Publisher University of Chicago Press
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