HI-302A. Education §302A-100

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Two Letter HI
State Hawaii
Policy Focus Accountability
Initiating Entity State Legislature
Description (a) The department shall implement a comprehensive system of educational accountability to motivate and support the improved performance of students and the education system. This accountability system shall:
(4) Assess and track measures of academic achievement, safety and well-being, and civic responsibility of individual students at selected grade levels and report trend data on these measures over time annually;
(6) Involve an annual statewide assessment program that provides a report card containing trend data on school, school complex, and system performance at selected benchmark grade levels with performance indicators in areas relating to student achievement, safety and well-being, and civic responsibility. These performance indicators shall include but not be limited to:

(A) Student performance relative to statewide content and performance standards; and
(B) School attendance and dropout rates;
Reference Code 302A. Education
§302A-1004 Educational accountability system; annual reports.
Year Passed
Year Implemented
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