IA-2005 Bill Text IA S.B. 23

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Two Letter IA
State Iowa
Policy Focus Curriculum Framework
Initiating Entity State Legislature
Description The General Assembly created curriculum frameworks so that students in Iowa classrooms develop an understanding and appreciation for Iowa's history, government, and "Iowa's citizens' long and distinguished record of civic responsibility." The language states the following: "The department of cultural affairs shall develop an Iowa studies professional development plan that includes professional development materials and training measures to provide Iowa's teachers with effective ways to infuse Iowa studies into their classrooms. The materials developed shall include an active and innovative Iowa studies learning curriculum that may be integrated into the social studies requirements for Iowa's secondary school students at the discretion of each board of directors of a school district or the authorities in charge of each accredited nonpublic school. The curriculum shall include lesson plans covering Iowa history, civics, government, and heritage studies. The curriculum developed shall contain enough content for the creation of a course of at least one-half unit of credit." Furthermore, the department must also develop partnerships with civic organizations and establish evaluation criteria for student participation in civic activities.
Reference Code 2005 Bill Text IA S.B. 2320
Year Passed 2005
Year Implemented
Grade Levels
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