I Am Engaged: Action Civics in Four Steps

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Discipline 1 Educational research
Discipline 2
Publication Title I Am Engaged: Action Civics in Four Steps
Description Preparing students to become citizens in a democracy is a complex endeavor. In addition to learning civics content knowledge it is equally important that students have opportunities to apply this knowledge to authentic civic tasks, including identifying and seeking solutions to important social issues in their local community and in other parts of the world. To prepare students for their roles as active and informed citizens, social studies curriculum should engage students in a comprehensive process of confronting multiple dilemmas, and encourage students to speculate, think critically, and make personal and civic decisions based on information from multiple perspectives. Action Civics is a promising new citizenship model for that puts students at the heart of civic action and has them do and behave as citizens by engaging in a cycle of research, action, and reflection about problems they care about personally, while learning about deeper principles of effective civic and especially political action.
Publication Year 2015
Publication Author Brooke Blevins, Karon LeCompte
Publication Type Journal Article
Publisher Social Studies and the Young Learner
Major Funders
Publication Link https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Brooke_Blevins/publication/281639180_I_am_engaged_Action_civics_in_four_steps/links/55f1b07908ae0af8ee1f6261.pdf