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Two Letter ME
State Maine
Policy Focus Curriculum Framework
Initiating Entity SEA
Description The Maine Learning Results Parameters for Essential Instruction - Social Studies (grade-cluster standards) include a strand of standards for Civics and Government. The Civics and Government strand includes the following three key performance indicators: 1. Knowledge, Concepts, Themes, and Patterns of Civics/Government, 2. Rights, Duties, Responsibilities, and Citizen Participation in Government, and 3. Individual, Cultural, International, and Global Connections in Civics and Government. The goal of the strand is for students to “draw on concepts from civics and government to understand political systems, power, authority, governance, civic ideals and practices, and the role of citizens in the community, Maine, the United States, and world.” Included in the document’s “Guiding Principles” is the goal for all students to leave school as responsible and involved citizens who “participate positively in the community and design creative solutions to meet human needs and wants; accept responsibility for personal decisions and actions; demonstrate ethical behavior and the moral courage to sustain it; understand and respect diversity; display global awareness and economic and civic literacy; and demonstrate awareness of personal and community health and wellness.”
Reference Code Maine Learning Results Parameters for Essential Instruction - Social Studies (2007)
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