MO-§ 170.013 R.S.Mo. Higher

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Two Letter MO
State Missouri
Policy Focus Assessment Required for Graduation
Initiating Entity State Legislature
Description "Any student entering a public institution of higher education… who is pursuing an associate's or bachelor's degree from such institution shall successfully pass an examination on the provisions and principles of American civics with a score of seventy percent or greater as a condition of graduation from such institution." This exam shall consist of at least 50 questions, but no more than 100 questions, and shall be similar to the 100 questions administered to applicants for U.S. citizenship by the USCIS under the DHS. Subject matter shall include the U.S. constitution, Bill of Rights, historical manifestations of federalism, and history of constitutional interpretation and amendments.
Reference Code § 170.013 R.S.Mo. Higher Education Civics Achievement Examination
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Year Implemented
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