MO-K-5 Social Studies Grade

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Two Letter MO
State Missouri
Policy Focus Curriculum Framework
Initiating Entity SEA
Description Missouri’s Social Studies Grade Level Expectations for Grades K-5 and 6-12 provide grade-level standards for grades K-5 and course-specific standards for grades 6-12. In grades K-5, civics standards can be found in the several “concept” strands including: 1.Purposes and principles of the Bill of Rights, 2. Role of citizens in carrying out constitutional principles, 3. Character traits and civic attitudes of significant individuals, and 4. Methods of resolving conflict. Civics standards are embedded throughout much of the standards in grades 9-12, but are concentrated in the high school Government course.
Reference Code K-5 Social Studies Grade Level Expectations (2016)

6-12 Social Studies Grade Level Expectations (2016)
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