Making Good Citizens: Education and Civil Society

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Discipline 1 Philosophy
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Publication Title Making Good Citizens: Education and Civil Society
Description In this timely book, Ravitch and Viteritti, professors at New York University and coeditors of New Schools for a New Century, explore the link between education and citizenship through a series of essays by contributors from a broad spectrum of educational institutions. Some of the essays are research-oriented, filled with charts and data from various studies, while others are less technical. All consider some aspect of the role of education in shaping students for civic responsibility. For example, is it wrong to stress patriotism to American students? Should our top priority be teaching students the importance of being a U.S. citizen, or should we instead stress that they are citizens of the globe? If the number of Americans who volunteer for civic and political causes is decreasing, is U.S. education to blame? And how can teachers instill values such as honesty when students see that in politics and entertainment corruption often is rewarded? There's something here for everyone, from the academic interested in data to the common citizen wondering what, if anything, is wrong with American education.
Publication Year 2001
Publication Author Diane Ravitch, Joseph Viteritti
Publication Type Book (edited)
Publisher Yale University Press
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