NE-93 NAC 10 § 003.05, Title

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Two Letter NE
State Nebraska
Policy Focus Curriculum Framework
Initiating Entity SEA
Description Social Studies - 40 instructional units. The curriculum includes content drawn from American and world history, geography, economics, civics, government and citizenship and may also include content from other social science areas such as sociology, psychology, and anthropology. This includes instruction in the U.S. and Nebraska Constitutions, the benefits and advantages of our government, the dangers of Nazism, Communism, and similar ideologies, the duties of citizenship and the appropriate patriotic exercises to include Lincoln’s birthday, Washington’s birthday, Flag Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day as provided in 79-724 R.R.S. All history courses stress contributions of all ethnic groups in the development and growth of America.
Reference Code 93 NAC 10 § 003.05, Title 92 Rule 10 Section 004.04b2
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