NE-R.R.S. Neb. § 79-724 Amer

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Two Letter NE
State Nebraska
Policy Focus Curriculum Framework
Initiating Entity State Legislature
Description "In at least two of the three grades from the fifth grade to the eighth grade in all public, private, denominational, and parochial schools, at least three periods per week shall be set aside to be devoted to the teaching of American history from approved textbooks, taught in such a way as to make the course interesting and attractive and to develop a love of country. In at least two grades of every high school, at least three periods per week shall be devoted to the teaching of civics, during which courses specific attention shall be given to the following matters: a) The U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Nebraska; b) The benefits and advantages of our form of government and the dangers and fallacies of Nazism, Communism, and similar ideologies; and c) the duties of citizenship, including active participation in the improvement of a citizen's community, state, country, and world and the value and practice of civil discourse between opposing interest. Appropriate patriotic exercises suitable to the occasion shall be held under the direction of the superintendent in every public, private, denominational, and parochial school on Lincoln's birthday, Washington's birthday, Flag Day, Memorial Day, and Veteran's Day, or on the day preceding or following such holiday, if the school is in session."
Reference Code R.R.S. Neb. § 79-724 American citizenship; committee on Americanism, created; duties; required instruction, patriotic exercise; duties of officers
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