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Two Letter NV
State Nevada
Policy Focus Curriculum Framework
Initiating Entity SEA
Description Productive civic engagement requires knowledge of the historical foundations and principles of American democracy, understanding the unique processes of local, state, and national institutions, the skills necessary to apply civic dispositions and democratic principles, and an understanding of the complex workings of the economy of the United States. Effective instruction in social studies incorporates both the disciplinary skills and the content themes and requires historical thinking, robust academic discussions and engaging writing instruction.
Students analyze the powers and civic responsibilities of citizens and examine the origins, functions and structure of the U.S. government. Content will include multiple historical eras and the multiple changing perspectives in America’s past, as well as connections between historical events. Economics is grounded in
knowledge about how people choose to use resources. Decision making within economics involves setting goals and identifying the resources available to achieving those goals. These standards provide students with the concepts and tools necessary for an economic way of thinking and help students understand
the interaction of buyers and sellers in markets, workings of the national economy, and interactions within the global marketplace.
Reference Code The Revised Nevada State Social Studies Standards (2018)
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