OK-OAC §210:15-3

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Two Letter OK
State Oklahoma
Policy Focus Graduation Requirement
Initiating Entity SEA
Description This Coherency Storyline could function in the lower elementary level to introduce early learners to American civics and history topics like notable Americans, to guide the selection of high-interest non-fiction reading series of foundational, formational, and transformational events in American history, or even the selection of basic domain specific vocabulary terms. Additionally, this Coherency Storyline could guide the selection in the lower elementary grades of national symbols, national historic landmarks, national parks, patriotic music, and national holidays/observances.
The subject matter standards for U.S. Government to include an emphasis on civics. “Civics” is defined to mean the study of the rights and duties of Oklahoma and United States citizens and of how those governments work;
Reference Code OAC §210:15-3
Year Passed
Year Implemented
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