Reintegrating Facts, Values, and Strategies

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Publication Title The Good Society
Description The Good Society Journal and its Symposium on Civic Studies. The Good Society, published by Penn State University Press, is a journal of civic studies. It is edited by two alumni of the Summer Institute of Civic Studies: Joshua A. Miller and Matt Chick. Vol. 26, No. 2-3 (2017) of The Good Society, guest edited by Peter Levine, is a special issue on Reintegrating Facts, Values, and Strategies: Editor’s Note (pp. iii-iv) – Trygve Throntveit Guest Editor’s Introduction: On Reintegrating Facts, Values, Strategies (pp. 195-201) – Peter Levine Civic Competence, Self-Governance, and the New Epistocratic Paternalism: An Ostromanian Perspective (pp. 202-217) – Paul Aligica Working Toward Transpositional Objectivity: The Promotion of Democratic Capability for an Age of Post-Truth Politics (pp. 218-233) – Anthony DeCesare Cooperative Democracy and Political-Economic Development: The Civic Potential of Worker Coops (pp. 234-254) – Susan Orr and James Johnson Democracy as Group Discussion and Collective Action: Facts, Values, and Strategies in Canadian and American Rural Landscapes (pp. 255-273) – Timothy J. Shaffer Facts, Values, and Democracy Worth Wanting: Strategic Public Deliberation in the Era of Trump (pp. 274-289) – David E. Meens Giving Birth in the Public Square: The Political Relevance of Dialogue (pp. 290-304) – Lauren Swayne Barthold Exploring the Epistemological Challenges Underlying Civic Engagement by Religious Communities (pp. 305-322) – Mary E. Hess William James’s Psychology of Philosophizing: Intellectual Diversity, Selective Attention, and the Sentiments in Our Rationalities (pp. 323-337) – Paul J. Croce Forgiveness after Charleston: The Ethics of an Unlikely Act (pp. 338-353) -Larry M. Jorgensen Justice, Human Dignity and Human Rights (pp. 354-369) – Karol Edward Soltan
Publication Year 2017
Publication Author Trygve Throntveit, Peter Levine, Anthony DeCesare, Susan Orr, James Johnson, Timothy J. Shaffer, David E. Meens, Lauren Swayne Barthold, Mary E. Hess, Paul J. Croce, Larry M. Jorgensen, Karol Edward Sołtan, Paul Dragos Aligica
Publication Type Journal
Publisher Penn State University Press
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