Sticking Together: Classroom Diversity and Civic Education

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Discipline 1 Political science
Discipline 2
Publication Title Sticking Together: Classroom Diversity and Civic Education
Description How does classroom racial diversity affect the civic dimension of American adolescents’ education? Does a high level of diversity correlate with more or less discussion of political issues, a key criterion for an effective civic education? Do different levels of political discussion, in turn, have consequences for the intention of adolescents to become informed voters? Using the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement Civic Education Study, this article puts these questions to the empirical test. Results show that racial diversity corresponds to a lower level of political discussion in the classroom. Less political discussion, in turn, correlates with a lower likelihood of adolescents’ stated intention of becoming an informed voter.
Publication Year 2007
Publication Author David Campbell
Publication Type Journal Article
Publisher American Politics Research
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