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Publication Title The Good Society
Description Vol. 22, No. 2, 2013, of The Good Society includes a symposium on the Summer Institute of Civic Studies. With one exception, all of the authors of the symposium articles are either teachers or alumni of the Summer Institute: “The Summer Institute of Civic Studies An Introduction” by Karol Sołtan and Peter Levine “Civic Studies: Fundamental Questions, Interdisciplinary Methods” by Alison K. Cohen, J. Ruth Dawley-Carr, Liza Pappas and Alison Staudinger “What Should You and I Do? Lessons for Civic Studies from Deliberative Politics in the New Deal” by Timothy J. Shaffer “Living Well Together: Citizenship, Education, and Moral Formation” by Elizabeth Gish and Paul Markham “Civic Studies: Bringing Theory to Practice” by Katherine Kravetz “The Civic Institute Relocated: Designing a Syllabus for Undergraduate Students at a Public University”by Susan Orr “Deliberation and Civic Studies” by Matt Chick
Publication Year 2013
Publication Author Karol Edward Sołtan, Peter Levine, Alison Cohen, J. Ruth Dawley-Carr, Liza Pappas, Alison Staudinger, Timothy J. Shaffer, Elizabeth Gish, Paul Markham, Katherine Kravetz, Susan Orr, Matt Chick
Publication Type Journal
Publisher Penn State University Press
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