WV-WV Graduation Requirement

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Two Letter WV
State West Virginia
Policy Focus Graduation Requirement
Initiating Entity SEA
Description Graduation requirements are effective for all students enrolled in the 2016-2017 school year, and thereafter or as otherwise specified.Courses needed for graduation require mastery of approved content standards.Students should consult with their chosen postsecondary educational/training program when choosing optional upper-level courses. 4 credits in social studies:
1 credit from World Studies or an AP® Social Studies course 
1 credit from United States Studiesor United State Studies-Comprehensive or AP® U.S. History
1 credit from an additional Social Studies course or an AP® Social Studies course
1 credit from Civics for the Next Generation or AP® United States Government and Politics.
Reference Code WV Graduation Requirements - Revised 2016 - for students graduating with the Class of 2020 and beyond.
Year Passed
Year Implemented 2016
Grade Levels
Additional Notes